Let your child know more about the Jesus

Children’s Ministry

We make sure to create an engaging environment for your child, first step is to make them learn about the bible and its teachings. Then they are taught about Jesus in a relevant and age-appropriate way so they take a great amount of interest in all these activities. Our dream is to see the young generation start learning about God at an early age so their hearts can be filled with the prosperity of Jesus which will benefit them throughout their life.

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We strive to see the youth leading in the church

Youth Ministry

Culture promotion is very important among the youth. We ensure that we develop and empower our youth, when their life is shifted towards religion and that essence of devotion takes over their mind then they can surely bring a change and influence their generation. At this age, youth can go anywhere as they are attracted by all the bad things of this world. As a society, it is our responsibility to stop them and bring them towards their creator.

Working on the spiritual health of Christian women

Women’s Ministry

First, we have to understand why women’s ministry is important. Apart from the social opportunities, event planning, and community services, women’s ministry is much more than these valuable ministry components. It helps women communicate with women, connect better, understand each other, help each other, and grow in Christlikeness. Most women get the wrong meaning out of 1 Timothy 2:12 and prefer to stay quiet. Some feel less comfortable speaking their heart out in front of men. All in all, women feel safe and communicate better with women to ask all their religious questions and requesting prayers.

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