Preaching people in the name of Jesus

About Calgary Faith

CALGARY FAITH REVIVAL CHURCH is located in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. With a small number of people attending the first proceedings, the church was launched on June 29, 2015. Jesus has showered his mercy upon us and by the grace of God, the church has grown from strength to strength. Even though Church is still growing and still developing but we have full faith and conviction in our Jesus as he said do not despise these small beginnings (Zecharia 4:10). In only because of the support and guarding of Jesus that this church is developing and we consider this as our privilege to preach and spread the Word of God and work for the Lord.

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“One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” Ephesians 4:5

Our Vision

Every single activity performed at our church is aimed to reach out to those people who are far from God. We make sure to connect with them and translate the message of Jesus so that they can also be dedicated and devoted followers. Our vision is to make a transform our community into firm believers and witness the transformation and revival among the people’s lives through the reality of the Gospel.